Get Feastive-ly Full This Christmas

Get Feastive-ly Full This Christmas

October 15, 2019

Christmas has landed at Free From All!

We’ve checked your list, we’ve checked it twice and we’ve found the dairy and gluten free Christmas food that’s naughty and nice… 

Our Free From All ‘sleigh’ is filled with all the tempting traditional Christmas foods you love at that time of the year. We’ve got Christmas cakes, mince pies and stuffing mixes from big brands you can trust not to disappoint, like Montezumas, Moo Free, LoveMore and the amazing family team at The Foods of Athenry.

Gluten Free Christmas Pudding

Vegan Advent Calendars

Count down to the big day without missing out! Whether you’re vegan or following a dairy free diet, we’ve got dairy free advent calendars to make each day of December that little bit more special. Pop open the windows of a Moo Free or So Free dairy free advent calendar for a tasty treat! (we won’t say anything if you open all the windows at once…)

Moo Free Gluten Free Advent Calendar 


To make things even more special, this So Free advent calendar comes in a WHITE CHOCOLATE variety! When was the last time you had dairy free white chocolate?


So Free Gluten Free White Chocolate Advent Calendar

Or why not treat yourself (you’ve worked hard this year!) to this Cocoa Libre luxury gluten and dairy free advent calendar? It’s a perfectly decadent treat for grown up chocoholics.


Cocoa Libre Gluten Free Dairy Free Luxury Advent Calendar

Save Room for Savoury

Aaaaand if you’ve still got room for more, we’ve got you covered with savoury tasty treats. Whether you’re gluten free, meat free or just looking for a delicious alternative Christmas dinner, try one of our Shropshire Spice gluten free savoury mixes. How does cranberry, apple and chestnut sound to you? Or what about wild sage and roast onion? Hungry yet?


Mouthwatering Mince Pies

Leave one out for Santa or just inhale them all yourself, we won’t tell on you… you just cannot beat a delicious mince pie, and we’re just in love with these dairy and gluten free mince pies from family farm team at The Foods of Athenry. They believe in baking deliciously healthy food, so you can trust them for a tasty treat.   


Ready to shop for your Christmas treats? Fill your basket and receive 10% off your 1st order. Just quote code WELCOME at checkout.