Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free & Vegan Pancakes? You’d Batter Believe It

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free & Vegan Pancakes? You’d Batter Believe It

February 12, 2020

What’s not to love about Pancake Day? The mixing and tossing, not to mention the lively debates over toppings and an indulgent treat at the end of it. But for those following a non-gluten, dairy-free or vegan diet, Pancake Day can be a different story altogether.

With this in mind, on our website you can discover all your favourite free-from foods and treats in one place. We have compiled a guide to the very best pancake-mix ingredients and toppings for everyone to enjoy on February 25th this year - with all the texture and flavour, but none of the dairy, gluten or egg:

Sweetpea Pantry Gluten Free Pancake Mix - made with buckwheat, quinoa, teff, flax and brown rice flours, this award-winning, complete pancake mix is perfect for savoury, sweet, American-style pancakes or crepes, and is free from gluten and dairy. £2.75 for 230g.

pancake mix

Orgran Vegan Egg Replacer - a superb egg-free alternative for your pancakes, containing no lactose or gluten. It’s made from potato and tapioca starch and each pack contains the equivalent to 66 eggs - so once pancake day has passed, it can be used for biscuits, cakes, waffles, custard, cream fillings and mayonnaise. £2.99 for 200g.

Glebe Farm Gluten-Free Plain Flour - This versatile flour, made from potato starch and rice flour, is a versatile store-cupboard staple - just as good for making tasty pancakes as it is gorgeous, light pastry. It’s also a perfect gluten-free sauce thickener. £2.99 for 1kg.

Orgran Gluten-Free Self-Raising Flour - If American-style, fluffy pancakes are more to your taste, this self-raising flour made with maize starch, tapioca starch and rice flour is the perfect gluten-free, all-natural ingredient. £2.99 for 500g.

Mr. Organic Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Chocolate Hazelnut Spread - This has a creamy consistency that’s perfect for spreading onto hot pancakes. Made with rich cocoa, rice cream and toasted Italian-grown hazelnuts, this award-winning topping boasts a sweet, nutty taste that’s bound to be a hit with all the family.

Mr Organic Dairy Free Organic Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread

St. Lawrence Gold Organic Maple Syrup - Top your pancakes with the finest, delicious syrup from the maple forest of Quebec, Canada. It’s 100% pure and organic, packed with antioxidants and contains natural calcium, vitamin B, zinc, potassium and magnesium. £5.50 for 250ml.

When making pancakes with gluten-free flour, you may require a little more liquid, depending on your recipe. Gluten-free mixes are often best a little runnier than a wheat equivalent. Now simply add your regular free-from milk of choice and have a flipping great Pancake Day.

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