Veganuary is here!

Veganuary is here!

January 04, 2021

January, a month of making resolutions… and perhaps not sticking to them, or starting anew. So whether this year you are making your #MeatFreeMondays a meat free month or if you follow a vegan diet here are some veganuary staples to get you through the first month of 2021.


Easy egg:

This product will surely become a household favourite if you or your family are craving omelette, frittata, quiche and more. Easy egg is… you guessed it an egg replacement. So for those days when you really want a quiche but there isn’t an easily available alternative, make one! This way you can add whatever ingredients you want without having to compromise. 

Free From Pasta:

The humble pasta, so versatile and so underappreciated. Most fresh pasta includes egg as a primary ingredient so make sure you check your pasta is vegan before planning your mid week meal. Such a versatile ingredient can make so many beautiful meals, with the help of the right sauce. From classic bolognese and creamy mushroom porcini to a spicy arrabbiata… and don’t forget the pesto!


Just like the infamous marmite (which is also vegan friendly btw) you either love or hate tofu. But tofu is an amazing addition to most dishes, whether it’s scrambled tofu with your morning fry up or complimenting your veggies in an aromatic thai green curry, tofu naturally adapts to any flavour, by soaking up herbs, spices and sauces. 

Vegan thai green curry


A staple in any salad falafel is the ultimate middle eastern street food, spiced with cumin and coriander. The perfect accompaniment as a side dish to couscous or a flavourful snack on the go. Falafel has a staple flavour and texture and can be added to sandwiches, stews and not forgetting the classic falafel bowl. 

Image of freshly made falafel in a white bowl

Sweet treats:

For an extra special treat anyone would be happy to look through the cupboards and find a oh so scrumptious bar of chocolate waiting for them. You don’t have to miss out on sweet treats just because you’re following a vegan diet, now more than ever vegan chocolate has become more inclusive, with new varieties and flavours becoming available all the time. 

milk and white chocolate on a slab cutting board

Free From All love the creativity that can come from veganuary, people experimenting with new flavours and dishes, inspiring others to a more sustainable lifestyle change and people finding new favourites. What’s your new vegan favourite? Let us know on our Facebook page.