Buttermilk Gluten & Dairy Free Vegan Zingy Orange Crisp Choccy Easter Egg & Soldier (170g)

Generously Thick Orange Choccy with Zingy Orange Flavoured Caramel Flakes

When it comes to choosing or sharing a treat, we believe that you shouldn't have to compromise on taste or quality.

This deliciously inclusive range of dairy free treats are only made from responsibly sourced, natural ingredients and packaged in plastic free and compostable materials.

No excuses not to share!

Plastic Free - Eco Packaging

Plastic ain't always fantastic, which is why you won't find any here. This cardboard carton and foil wrapper is completely recyclable, just pop them in your recycling bins.

The choccy bar is protected in a compostable, plastic free wrapper - either pop it in your regular bin, or kerbside biowaste collection, and it'll be converted into CO2, water and biomass.