La Buona Vita Gluten Free & Vegan Lasagne - 250g

The optimum blend of specially selected corn and rice creates our gluten free pasta which is both balanced in taste and al dente in texture – no less than pasta connoisseurs expect. Enjoy with organic Le Conserve Della Nonna Soya Bolognese.

The story of Pasta Lensi dates back to 1920 in the quaint medieval village of Vinci, where inspiration thrived in the heart and brush of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Signor Vasco Lensi would hand make small batches of pasta and deliver them throughout the hillsides of Vinci and Florence.  Over the past century, Pasta Lensi has become well known for innovation while staying true to L’arte della pasta. Pasta Lensi continues to innovate to meet the demands of today’s consumers while remaining true to authentic, Old World methods, traditions and standards.

Made only with easily digestible, gluten-free flours. La Buona Vita does not contain eggs, lactose, GMOs: the best guarantee for whoever is looking for a healthy solution for a gluten-free diet.


Maize Flour (79.98%), Rice Flour (19.97%), Emulsifier: Fatty Acid Mono and Diglycerides (0.05%)

Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans

Free From Gluten 


Nutrition                   per 100g

Energy                    1523kJ


Fat                           1.3g

of which saturates   0.2g

Carbohydrates        79.0g

of which sugars       0.4g

Fibre                        2.2g

Protein                     7.0g

Salt                           0.01g