Moma Lower Sugar Granola - Cacoa, Coconut & Ginger (425g)

It's not easy to create a granola that's not only tasty but low in sugar. But after hours and hours in the kitchen, Moma have found the secret ingredient... chicory root! Chicory root adds a natural sweetness, allowing them to create a delicious granola that has less than 5% sugar. It also helps to boost the fibre content! Using only British wholegrain jumbo oats, Moma slow bake their granola in small batches at a low temperature to achieve a deliciously toasted & nutty taste! They love pairing their Cacao, Coconut & Ginger Low Sugar Granola with natural Greek yoghurt and chopped fruits but it's also delicious with milk, as a dessert topper or if you can't resist, straight from the pack!